The Top New Download Games to Play!

DragonScales 3: Eternal Prophecy of Darkness

DragonScales is back with more match-3 magic!

Darkness and Flame: Missing Memories

Fight the Darkness!

12 Labours of Hercules VII: Fleecing the Fleece Collector's Edition

An epic voyage for the Golden Fleece

Puzzle Games
Bonfire Stories: Faceless Gravedigger

The scariest stories... are true.

Alicia Quatermain: Secrets Of The Lost Treasures

Join Alicia Quatermain on a globetrotting adventure!

Fantasy Mosaics 22: Summer Vacation

New Fantasy Mosaics! The Penguins are on summer vacation.

Puzzle Games
Dead Reckoning: Sleight of Murder Collector's Edition

Are you watching closely?

Dream Fruit Farm

Help Tom and Charlize build their own fruit farm.

Puzzle Games